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  The Biewer Terrier Now in AKC Toy Group January 1st 2021!!!

The Biewer Terrier has been accepted into the AKC/FSS for breed development as of April 2014.   
The Biewer Terrier has been fully accepted into the United Kennel  Club (UKC) as of January 2016.

PLEASE Understand the difference:  If your goal is to show or breed with AKC, you will need to have a Biewer Terrier that is already qualified by having their AKC/ registration or be willing to do the necessary testing required from the Biewer Terrier Club of America.   Having a Biewer with UKC registration does not automatically entitle your Biewer to AKC status. All Biewer Terriers must first register with the Biewer Terrier Registry of America by meeting strict guidelines in order to apply for AKC registration unless the parents are already registered.  A few foreign pedigrees are now accepted by AKC.
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AKC Biewer Terrier

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